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What to wear on Aloha Friday?

Fri, 09/06/2013 - 06:31 -- ohana

It’s Aloha Friday time to finish off the work week and wind down for the weekend. In Hawaii, Aloha Friday is not the only day where one would throw on an Aloha Shirt. Because of the warm tropical weather it is unrealistic to expect business men and women to be wearing suits. It is common for men to wear Aloha shirts for business attire instead of a suit and tie. It’s not only because of the warmer weather but Hawaii has its own laid back culture. Things are a bit less formal and slower paced. This doesn’t mean professionalism rather just that things are a bit more relaxed. Next time you visit the islands take a peek at the business districts and you’ll see an array of beautiful prints and designs on the streets as men and women head to work in their Aloha Fashions. Below is my pick for Aloha Friday wear or if you are in Hawaii, then this is for everyday business wear! Aloha!

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