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How to Iron your long sleeves Hawaiian shirt

Thu, 10/30/2014 - 05:28 -- ohana

First be sure to read the care tag label of the shirt. You need to know the type of fabric you’ll be ironing (cotton, rayon, polyester, silk, etc.) so you can use the correct setting and so that you won’t ruin your Hawaiian shirt with the wrong setting. For example, polyester is more fragile to high temperatures and can be damaged. You’ll want the shirt a little moist, not soaked, to make it easier to iron. The best time to iron your aloha shirt is immediately after it is pulled out of the washer. Or you can lightly mist with a spray bottle. Take your time and you’ll have a crisp shirt ready to go! Always start with the shirt collar. Pop up the collar and start ironing the underside pressing from one point to the other. Next flip it over and start ironing the outside of the collar. Then move on to the cuffs. Lay it out flat and start with the inside cuff. Carefully iron around the coconut or wooden buttons, never on the buttons. Once you’ve finished the cuffs move onto the front of the shirt. Start with the side that has the buttons and carefully iron around each button. Then move back up to the top of the shoulder and work your way down the shirt with the iron. Repeat on the other side. Next, iron the back of the Hawaiian shirt. Start at the top back shoulder area and slide the iron down. Repeat until you have covered the entire back of the shirt and there are no visible wrinkles. Finally, iron the sleeves. Be sure the fabric is flat and smooth before you apply the iron. Take the sleeve by the seam and lay it flat on ironing board. Start at the top and work your way down to cuff. Turnover the sleeves and repeat. We hope this helps to keep your long sleeves Hawaiian shirt nice and crispy ready for that beach party.

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