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Easy Coconut Pudding Recipe (HAUPIA)

One of my favorite Hawaiian desserts is coconut pudding, or as we call it in Hawaii, Haupia. It's a simple dessert made with coconut milk and is often served at luaus, weddings, and other local gatherings. It is so popular in Hawaii that it is served at all of the local McDonalds as Haupia Pies just as they sell their traditional apple pies. I enjoy trying out all kinds of foods from across the world, do you? Try out this recipe and share with us your thoughts. Or try out other Hawaiian Treats and leave us your comments.
Haupia Recipe
4 cups coconut milk

How to make a lei?

Graduation is here and with that means its lei time. Lei’s have become a part of graduation ceremonies not only in Hawaii but all across the United States. It’s become a tradition in Hawaii to give leis at graduation and its almost a popularity contest on who received the most leis. Can you see over them or are they spilling out over your head. Yes, sometimes the leis are piled so high that the person cannot see over them.

Winner of our Tropical Bag Contest

Congratulations to our winner of our Tropical Bags Giveaway. We asked all of you to send in your photos wearing your favorite Hawaiian Clothes. We selected one random winner from all of our entries. Jenni received her choice of our beautiful Blue/White Tropical Club Bag or our orange/white Tropical Beach Bag. Again, Congratulations Jenni!
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