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May Day is Lei Day in Hawaii

May Day is Lei day in Hawaii. That was a phrase I’d often hear when I was growing up. You might be wondering what lei day is and what’s the significance or meaning of a lei? Traditionally lei’s were given as a symbol for respect, appreciation, and for love. It is still given for those reasons but it is also given or worn on special occasions such as graduation, weddings, etc. Many tourists are greeted with lei’s when they arrive to the islands as a symbol of Aloha or welcoming to the islands. May 1st is considered May day and became an official holiday in the Hawaiian Islands in 1929.

How do I measure a Hawaiian Shirt?

The best way to determine your Hawaiian shirt size is to measure a shirt you already own and do the following: 1. Lay out the shirt on a flat surface and measure from the back of the neck to the end of the shirt to determine the length. 2. For the chest, measure from the left inseam of the underarm of the shirt to the right inseam and multiply by two for the circumference measurement. 3. To determine shoulder width, measure from the inseam of the left outer shoulder across to the right shoulder seam.

When is a good time to visit Hawaii?

Any time of year is a good time to visit Hawaii. The average daytime temperature is 84 to 87 F and nighttime 70 to 72 F. In the summer months daytime temperatures range from 76 to 80 F nighttime 60 to 64 F. The trade winds keep things comfortable year-round. Whale watching season begins in late December and ends in early May. Peak whale watching months are between January and early April.

Must have Tropical Bags- Contest Information

I recently discovered that I can get super cute summer bags in the colors and prints that I love! During the winter months I like to stick with a black or dark brown purse to match my boots and the cooler weather of winter. Once spring is here I switch over to the lighter softer colors and prints and I fell in love with these two purses. They are my must have in your closet for the spring and summer. The orange slip on bag is perfect to throw in sunblock, lip gloss, cell phone, and your wallet. Its bright color and hibiscus print in white will compliment your summer look.

Where did the Aloha Shirt originate?

Thu, 04/25/2013 - 11:15 -- Anonymous (not verified)

The Aloha shirt or Hawaiian shirt is recognized around the world. It has become a representation of the Hawaiian Islands. The first shirts were actually made from left over fabric used to make Kimonos and date back to the 1920’s and 30’s. Eventually, over time Hawaiian shirt designers started incorporating textiles that captured the island lifestyle. Some designers chose to use prints of native flowers such as hibiscus and jasmine which we often see on today’s Hawaiian clothes. Others designers chose to incorporated patterns with hula girls, fish, coconut trees, surfers, and canoes.

10 Interesting Facts about Kona Coffee

1. Kona coffee is the only coffee grown in the United States. 2. It is well known around the world for its rich flavor and excellent quality. In fact, Mark Twain said, “Kona coffee has a richer flavor than any other...” 3. Samual Ruggles brought the first coffee plant to Kona in 1828. 4. Native Hawaiians and Chinese laborers worked the fields where everything was done by hand.

Three Must have dresses for spring!

Spring is in full swing and summer is right around the corner. Why not get in the mood by wearing a bright floral prints Hawaiian dress? I love to dress for the season and one of my favorite times of the year is spring. Flowers are in full bloom, trees have regrowth, and signs of new life are all around. I can’t think of a better way to get in the mood than to dress the part. At the top of my list is the pretty sarong dress. I love the red (it also comes in blue) with white floral and green leaves, its perfect for the season.