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What to bring when visiting Hawaii?

So you’ve saved and planned and now your dream vacation is just a week away, oh no what should you pack? People often ask me what they should bring when traveling to Hawaii. Do you need to pack a blow drier, beach towels, and evening wear? Here’s a simple list that will cover every activity and still won’t have you packing an extra bag. 1. If you plan on going out for fancier dining there is still no need for a suit and tie or evening gown.

What is Poi?

Anyone who has traveled to Hawaii and attended a luau has heard of poi. But what is it and what is it made of? • Poi is made from the corm of the taro plant. • Did you know that Taro is eaten around the world and is the 14th most cultivated crop on Earth? But only the Hawaiians used it to make poi. • The corm is baked, steamed or in the traditional way put in an imu (underground oven). • It is then pounded and mashed with a stone called, pohaku ku`i `ai, until it reaches the desired consistency.

Delicious Grilled Salmon Receipe


Living in Hawaii means that we are lucky enough to have fresh fish available daily. Some people say they don’t like fish because of the “fishy” smell but actually fresh fish shouldn’t have any funky smell to it. It’s only when it has been out for a few days does it start to give off a mild odor. I could go on and on about the health benefits of eating fish but instead I’ll just give you one of my favorite recipes and you let me know what you think? Will this be one of your new favorites too?

Where did the “Hawaiian Shirt” come from?

You might not have imagined that the original Hawaiian Shirts date back to the 1920’s and 30’s! The first shirts were actually made from left over fabric used to make Kimonos. Of course the shirts evolved over time into the bright colors and floral patterns we see today. Did you know? • Because of the warm climate in Hawaii wearing suits and ties are impractical.